In his twenty years of practicing law, Mr. Coskrey has represented clients including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals.

Business Litigation

Contract Litigation

Construction Litigation

Mr. Coskrey has represented large and small businesses in collection actions, in disputes involving property rights, in litigation involving the quality of construction, and in breach of contract actions.

Wrongful Termination

Employment Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

In the employment category of Mr. Coskrey’s practice, he has represented employers and employees with matters pending before state and federal agencies (S.C. State Human Affairs Commission, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), as well as in state and federal courts. Those cases have included issues of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, race discrimination (Title VII), and disability discrimination (Americans with Disabilities Act). He also has advised clients on the meaning and enforceability of employment agreements, including covenants not to compete (noncompetes), issues related to employee benefits (ERISA), and issues of pay arising under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Civil Rights

Mr. Coskrey has represented clients seeking advice on First Amendment and other constitutional rights, including litigation arising from alleged breaches of those rights.

Personal Injury

Mr. Coskrey has represented clients injured in animal attacks (dog bites), and defective products. He has represented clients whose catastrophic injuries resulted from drunk drivers ("dram shop" action), and from fire.


Mr. Coskrey is a certified state and federal court mediator and welcomes any opportunities to serve offer those services to litigants involved in pending litigation.